Democratic Candidate Cory Booker Drops Hebrew Phrase, ‘Baruch HaShem,’ in Post-Presidential Debate Interview

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Democratic presidential candidate Corey Booker dropped a Hebrew phrase during an ABC interview following Thursday’s debate in Houston.

“Thank God, baruch haShem, that we’re doing multilingual tonight,” the New Jersey senator commented, referring to his use of Spanish earlier in the night.

The phrase drew the attention of ABC commentator and former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, who misidentified the language, saying, “I actually think your Yiddish was pretty good…I’ll get you in to the synagogue, you just going to have to pay for it at the High Holidays, that’s all.”

“I’m ready for the d’var Torah this week, and any synagogue that welcomes me to speak, I am ready,” Booker replied, laughing.

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  1. Hashem wants the goyim to keep the sheva mitzvos bnei Noach. One of them is a prohibition of immorality, including marriage and abortion (unless to save a life), which the democratic party embraces.

  2. Cory Booker can “Thank G-d” and say “Baruch “Hash_m” that he’s “doing multilingual tonight,” the question is, can Israeli supporters thank Booker and bless him for all the times he voted against Israel?
    Booker likes to get chummy with different groups by showing his knowledge of their culture and language. This strategy has helped him politically in the past, but ultimately, his short tenure and record in Congress has shown that he is a phony and a faker, and he can’t hide that, no matter how many multilingual phrases or customs he learns. Cory Booker is proof that it’s not that difficult to discern the difference between an authentic person and an authentic faker.

  3. What’s really sad is that Rahm Emanuel is so far away from Yiddishkeit that he didn’t even know that baruch hashem is hebrew, not yiddish. Rahm has caused Yidden and Israel so mich pain. I hope he stays out of positions of power and leaves us Yidden alone.


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