Democratic Debate Highest-Rated Ever

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democrat debate 2015A total of 15.3 million people viewed Tuesday night’s CNN Democratic debate, shattering the previous Democratic debate record of 10.7 million, making it the highest-viewed debate ever for the party.

The numbers are still lower than Fox News’s first Republican debate this year, which set a viewership record for primary debates. Read more at CNN.

{CB Newscenter}


  1. “Former Sen. Webb was one of the candidates who complained about the lack of equal airtime, but when a candidate is at 1% they should be thankful that they are even on the stage. Webb was too far to the right for Democrats on guns, and many of his answers were not in step with today’s Democratic Party. ”

    In simpler words, CNN desired to avoid exposing the voters to other perspectives

  2. Another misleading headline,
    It may have been the most viewed “Democratic” debate, however it still drew 8-10million viewers less than the republican debates, which drew at 23.9 and 25 million viewers respectively

  3. Not at all related: 15 million dem debacle viewers – 15 million mental patients. 10 minutes Hillary speech – 10% average IQ drop. 3°C increase in liberal verbal rubbish – 3 polar bears drowned by melting ice.


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