Democrats Are Largely Powerless To Stop GOP From Confirming Court Choice

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Senate Democrats and their liberal allies confronted the reality Monday that they have no path to blocking President Donald Trump’s pending Supreme Court nomination other than a political pressure campaign that peels away a minimum of four GOP votes.

Deep into their sixth year in the minority, Democrats can use some procedural tactics that might briefly slow the confirmation process, but if at least 50 Republicans approve of Trump’s pick to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, that nominee is certain to be seated.

Publicly, Democrats vowed to fight with every fiber in the Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings and on the Senate floor as the liberal alliance of outside interest groups began planning how to mount a campaign that would try to turn Republicans against the nominee. But the process ahead leaves no room for error, and even a perfectly executed pressure campaign could fall short.

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  1. Big deal. They can always pay off some greedy people to make ridiculous, baseless allegations, and place fraudulent, interminable delays against the nominee. They did that for Brett Kavanaugh, where several of the “accusers” later confessed to being hired to fabricate the allegations. The irony is that Kavanaugh has issued rulings that are politics free, even if differing with the desires of the Trump administration. There is no limit to how far these evil Dems will go. I wish every one of them a speedy exit from the political world.

  2. So Harris wants to regain balance in the Supreme Court by adding seats . Its like chasing soap bubbles. and a sign f what to expect from her. Of course if the balance favored the Liberals, they’d be singing a different tune.


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