Democrats Blocked Anti-Hezbollah Measure Days Before Attempted Attack On Israel


Democrats in the US House of Representatives struck down a cut in funding that would be funneled to Shi’ite Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah last week, according to a report by news site The Free Beacon.

The legislation would have prevented institutions passing money to Hezbollah from receiving US funding, but was amended just days before terrorists attempted attack on srael’s border with Syria, Tuesday’s report said.

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  1. The Democratic party has become more than just tolerant of terror. They have grown to protective of terrorists and their organizations, and even openly supporting them. We need to all swear against voting any Democrats into office.

  2. “the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), “which is almost entirely controlled by the terror group” Hezbollah.”

    That isn’t true, Eliot Engel is the single biggest supporter of Israel in the House of Representatives, and the cosponsor is Elaine Luria, another hugely pro-Israel Democrat.

    But the only thing that really matters is that Trump has been sending aid to the LAF. So all the people who are condemning the Democrats for this should condemn Trump. But they won’t. Hypocrites.


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