Democrats Hammer Trump For Entertaining False Birther Theory About Harris


President Trump on Thursday drew swift backlash after he declined to disavow a baseless and racist conspiracy theory that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) would not be eligible to serve as vice president.

Trump at a news conference was asked about an op-ed in Newsweek that was shared by an adviser to his campaign that raised the possibility Harris, who was born in Oakland, Calif., to immigrant parents, does not meet the requirements to hold the office.

The president, who spent much of then-President Obama’s time in office pushing the racist and unfounded “birther theory” that he was not born in the United States, said he had “no idea” if Harris was ineligible to run for vice president.

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  1. Democrats Hammer Trump For Entertaining False Birther Theory About Harris.
    This is totally absurd. Watch the video. Mr. Trump was asked a question by a reporter if Mrs. Harris is qualified to be VP. He answers “I assume the democrats would have checked this out.” What else should he have answered? You can tell from the way he answered that this was the first time he heard this. How in the world do you see in his answer that he’s pushing False birther theories. The Democrats have become totally unhinged.

  2. Government exploitation and exploitation of women. A world asks more than Kamela.

    Can we just wonder human terms here? The jungle wants to look at the beast the women are today every day. They look more beastly every day with their lapse dressing health.

    Gave to an exploitation charity for the sake this will be my nation looking at the crazy woman for the next few months or more. We owe it to women not to exploit them on television and hope they will ever dress nicer and not for the goat of sex this culture emulates.

  3. Kamala Harris: My family came to Jamaica from India to exploit the black African slaves we bought like cattle. Now I pretend to be African American to exploit them for votes.


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