Demonstrations, Violent Riots Expected To Continue Throughout The Country

Photo by Joshua Lott for The Washington Post.
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Several cities across America are bracing for more demonstrations and violent rioting this weekend after another night of lawlessness and unrest boiled over into the early hours of Sunday morning, as Antifa and militia groups prepare for further battle against police officers and counter-protesters.

Tensions have been heightened at recent demonstrations against racial injustice since federal officials were sent to quell riots in Portland, Ore., that have continued for more than 50 straight days since the May 25 death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis.

While opposing, heavily armed militia groups in Lousiville, Ky., avoided violence during demonstrations, riots were declared in Portland and Seattle, following a familiar pattern of peaceful protests devolving into destruction and attacks on police.

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  1. Let’s prepare in Boro park and the other frum communities. They may try messing with us. We need everyone to arm in whatever way possible. It could be bats,rocks,mace,legal firearms,dogs,and stores should have steel gates. For defense systems keep fire extinguishers in stock.


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