Dems Prepare $150 MILLION Ad Onslaught To Blunt Trump’s Head Start

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Democrats are preparing to kick off a campaign totaling hundreds of millions of dollars to blunt Donald Trump’s head start in the 2020 campaign as their party’s candidates slug it out for the right to take him on.

Democratic super PACs are set to soon launch a yearlong $150 million advertising onslaught countering the millions the president’s campaign has already spent targeting voters.

On top of that, billionaire Tom Steyer is funding other groups testing a range of strategies to register and turn out people to vote. And the Democratic National Committee this week began training hundreds of college students to work as field staff in battleground states, an effort that will continue throughout the campaign.

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  1. Will any of them be around to run once the DECLASS happens and most of them will be arrested (some of which are already not around)?

    • It’s almost impossible because we don’t have any attorney general at the moment. Have you seen William Barr recently? No. He hasn’t been seen or heard in the last month. Just like Sessions, he’s been bumped off. Trump thrives in the swamp and wants to keep it that way. Barr was making too much noise about cleaning house so Trump ordered him bumped off. Unfortunately you’ve been brainwashed that things were getting better. It’s the opposite.


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