Denials Continue For Roy Moore As He Calls For Recount

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Roy Moore has not called Doug Jones to congratulate him on his apparent win or concede the race, a senior Jones campaign official confirms to NBC News.

Moore insisted Tuesday night that the race is too close to call and told supporters they are investigating the process for a recount. Read moreĀ  at NBC News.



  1. Not only should they recount it, they should check for duplicates and triplicates, votes from dead people and illegal votes. Democrats are known liars and cheaters and because of their G-dlessness are untrustworthy. If they have no fear from Heaven, they have no fear from earth and are apt to do anything.

  2. Mr. Moore is unscrupulous. Every vote in Alabama he demands. An evangelical community is south strong. They seem only to vote for evangelicals. Easiest way to win a voting block.

    Rash man. Harmed America enough. The evangelicals are given the holy nod among. Each holds every thought a crying day for their morality. Jews hold every day a strength for our commandments. We are NOT the same.

    Great election. A man who neatly has professional ability to improve culture is elected. Let us hope he continues.

    Roy Moore appeals to the KKK. Doug Jones prosecuted them. We need many like Doug Jones. Murder is a greater sin ever than toeivah hate in our world. Roy Moore is and was wrong.

    This is hopeful.

      • So fight abortion issues. Do not make me feel unsafe because the KKK is unchecked. You might like the worst huh?

        Terrible black nag.

      • Abortion politics are simple. The fetus belongs to the father. His sperm impregnated the egg that WAS the mothers. Thus the idea of an abortion is the man to decide. The woman has no “Her body” rights. The body is that of Hashem’s soul.

        Therefore, Mr. Jones may vote wrong on abortion and clearly in some cases, a man can decide his wife must be well to abort such as if her life is in danger. That seems intelligent.

        When they are wrong on their vote that is one thing. When they support dangerous culture that is another. We must continue to fight for human rights and not expand hate in our culture. This is a problem.

      • Franken will get away because he’s a Democrat. As a Republican, I expect more from my representative than the Dems expect from theirs. Except, of course, the Trumpets and Banonnites don’t seem to have the same expectation of their candidates. They use Democrats as their definition of morality- if Franken can get away with it, why can’t Moore; if Clinton got away with it, why can’t Trump.
        Thankfully, enough Republicans still hold their candidates to higher standards. Can you imagine what this country would look like if the Republicans would hold themselves to the same standards as the libs?


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