Denmark: Journalist Describes Bris Milah as “Mutilation” With Ten “Black-Clad Men”

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brisDanish Jewry is gearing up to contest an expected ban on bris milah, following last month’s landmark German court ruling.

The mainstream Danish media has now joined the war against bris milah.

An article published in the Politiken newspaper described bris milah as follows: “Around the baby stand ten black-clad men, a must in every Jewish circumcision. As usual in Judaism, women aren’t allowed to be present. An untrained rabbi mutilates the baby, who cries and bleeds profusely as the men pray.”

The remarks were written by Kjeld Koplev, a Danish journalist who converted from Judaism to Christianity. Koplev began telling his story to the media after a court in Cologne, Germany, ruled in June that the non-medical circumcision of a minor amounted to a criminal act.

The Jewish community in Denmark has issued a strong statement of protest against Koplev and Politiken.

“History in Denmark has shown that the Jews always helped develop the country and its economy, and now barbaric acts are being attributed to them,” said Finn Schwarz, president of the Jewish Congregation of Copenhagen.

If Denmark ultimately bans bris milah, the Yidden of the country will have no choice but to leave, bringing to an end a period of 400 years in which Jews lived peacefully there.

Schwarz says the false account of a bris milah indicates the increasing intolerance toward the ritual, couched in xenophobia.

Buttressed in recent bans elsewhere in Europe, Schwarz worries that a Danish push could turn into parliamentary action on circumcision in Denmark as early as this year.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. I’v said for a long time if it was ???? to do ???? ???? they would demand that every one Circumcise their children and they would give you a list of reasons from here till tomorrow why it’s the most humane and wonderful thing to do.

    This is nothing but hate hate hate. Towards our religion and our way of life.

  2. this is the same as what happened to us – for which we celebrate Chanukka. Do you think that the Greeks just plain outlawed Milah. They also claimed that it is mutilation, child abuse, etc. And they severely punished it. I think that the Jews in Germany and Denmark, and very soon in the US, will have to make the Bris betzina. And then, when the Drs. will be obligated to report this mutilation, and abuse, we will need our own pediatricians, etc.
    its time to pray.

  3. To #1 HOME – Is only back to H”kbh. There or plenty of other OS’s going on in Eretz Yisroel showing us that ‘israel’ is no guarentee. We should all “pick ourselves up and go HOME”. Returning back to H”kbh.
    Let’s not fall for zionist propoganda.

  4. #5, you are a spy! Hashem gave us EY. If frum Jews would make aliya en masse and become citizens improvements would come democratically.


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