Deri Announces Intent to Return to Politics

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deriFormer Shas leader Aryeh Deri’ announced today his intention to run in the next Knesset elections. Speaking at the Presidential Conference in Yerushalayim, Deri said he was not sure in what framework he would run.

“In Israel, it is not possible to contribute without political power, so I decided to create a new movement,” Deri said without elaborating what kind of movement he intended to create.

Deri said that he decided to return to political life after a long period of deliberation, “because I feel that I can contribute and give hope to the citizens of the state of Israel.”

One of his goals would be to “unite the public,” Deri said, “so that if we go into a peace process, we are united.”

{Haaretz/ Newscenter}


  1. Deri said, “so that if we go into a peace process, I guess this is his first mistake. As a Jew, there is not peace with goyim in regard to Eretz Yisroel. The Tribes were commanded to rid the land of idol worshippers. Back then, they did not complete the job, and look at what we still have today.

  2. What took so long?

    Nice guy, charismatic, well-liked just clueless when it comes to Arabs and maintaining peaceful coexistence. He will find out quickly that his voters are not pacifists like he is.

  3. Shass would a lot more powerful, and would have remained more principled, had those scared of Derry not brought him under.

    Interesting how they tried doing the same thing to R’ Shlomo Lorentz so many years earlier, in about 1952. The Brisker Rav advised him on how to out-maneuver them. He remained as a Knesset member for so many more years, and active and influential until he passed on

  4. # Hey original,
    It is not a sureshot that Deri is planning to join SHAS again, there is heresay that a new party will be cropping up.

  5. 4,

    please re-read. Didn’t say that he’s joining Shas, simply that had he never been forced out and brought down, Shaas would be a lot more powerful and even more principled. They would be the second largest party, and possibly even the largest.


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