Deri Criticizes Yishai, Blasts Agudas Yisroel for Giving Barkat Victory

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deriShas chairman Aryeh Deri was honest, candid and blunt last night on Channel 2’s Meet the Press Motzoei Shabbos program. Deri spoke about the recent municipal elections in Israel, saying that part of the blame for Shas’ losses goes to his Shas partner, Eli Yishai.

Shas said that Yishai “invited to Elad [to campaign] and he didn’t want to come. He was invited to speak, but he didn’t wish to come.”

Deri was referring to the Elad race in which Tzuriel Krispal, running on the Shas ticket, was beaten by Yisroel Porush of Degel Hatorah for mayor.

Despite his critiques, Deri offered a baton of reconciliation to Yishai in running the Shas party in the future.

“I called on him and I now call on him once again. ‘Eli, come with us. Your home is here, with us. Come and work together with us. It’s enough already with these things. It is hurting Shas.'”

Deri added that he has no doubt “that reports about discord in Shas has hurt the party.”

Deri blasted the Chassidic groups that comprise the Agudas Yisroel faction of UTJ for giving a victory away in the Yerushalayim mayoral race to Nir Barkat by suddenly backing off for supporting Moshe Leon, saying that they “crowned Barkat as mayor of Yerushalayim.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


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