Deri Suspends Deportation of a Jew’s Great-Grandson

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Before Yom Tov, on humanitarian grounds, Interior Minister Aryeh Deri rescinded the deportation of Samuel Gumeniuk, a Ukrainian orphan who moved with his uncle and aunt to Israel.

“This is a heartrending and sensitive case,” Deri said. “Therefore I have ordered the deportation order rescinded immediately, and that Samuel Gumeniuk be permitted to remain in Israel.”

Gemeniuk’s aunt and uncle, Xenia and Valentin Kravchenko, were eligible for Israel’s Law of Return because Xenia had a Jewish grandfather. But Gumeniuk did not and lacked any legal status in Israel.

The case was pushed through by legal aid centers of the Israel Religious Action Center, the advocacy arm of the Reform movement in Israel.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Wait a moment, the entire family are 100% Ukrainian goyim, not just the orphan. They got in on a technicality of the aunt supposedly having a Jewish grandfather. It’s a travesty that any of these goyim got in, not just the orphan. Why would Deri enable the Jew hating Ukrainian goyim to follow us to Eretz Yisroel?!

  2. I do not understand why Deri would hand a victory to an advocacy group of the Reform movement. There really was no “humanitarian crisis” here, the non-Jewish aunt and uncle simply could have returned to their native Ukraine (where they belong) together with their orphaned nephew. From an orthodox prospective the aunt should have never been allowed to come to Israel under the “right of return” simply because she had a Jewish grandfather. Unfortunately, Shas does not have the power to amend “the right of return” to conform to Halacha. But in this instance, Deri did have the power to force them out by deporting their nephew and he blew it!!!


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