Deri Visits Hungary, Davens At The Shoe Monument By The Danube

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Minister Aryeh Deri visited the banks of the Danube river in Budapest on Monday, at the shoe monument where Jews were shot and thrown into the icy river by the Hungarian Arrow Party army during the Holocaust of Hungarian Jewry in 1944-1945.

Minister Deri asked the Hungarian Interior Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Sandor Pintor, Monday morning for assistance from experts who want to search for Jewish bones in the river to bring them to Israel’s tomb. As stated, the Hungarian Minister of the Interior responded to the request of Minister Deri and announced that he would immediately allocate expert assistance and advanced means for the search.

“I am happy that the Hungarian minister promised to give all the assistance and the technological and human equipment, and I hope that the ZAKA’s righteous people together with the local people will do the same with the holy martyrs and bring them to a proper Jewish burial,” Minister Deri said.




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