Deri’s Lowering Of Public Transportation Fees Caused Loss To Shas Teachers


Months after Shas leader Aryeh Deri significantly lowered the cost of public transportation to help Israel’s “transparent” poor, teachers of Shas’ Ma’ayan Hachinuch Hatorani network discovered that the reform caused a loss of hundreds of shekels in their salaries.

This was because after Deri’s reform, the state recouped some of its expense by reducing the compensation of traveling expenses for state workers with private vehicles, presumably regarding them as wealthier by virtue of owning cars.

The Teachers Association threatened to strike and was excluded from the cut, but Shas teachers, who do not belong to the association, discovered this month that a teacher who previously received travel compensation of 1,488 shekels a month now received only 738 shekels compensation on his most recent pay slip.

“Must we suffer from the cut just because we don’t have a workers association to protect us?” one teacher asked. “This harms me personally. I cannot travel by bus to school because of the great distance between my home and the institution. This cut harms me unjustifiably.”

David Steger – Israel



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