DeSantis: Florida’s New Voting Law Adds ‘Strongest Election Integrity’

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While signing the state’s new voting law during a television appearance early Thursday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis hailed the legislation’s focus on election security, saying the legislation adds the “strongest election integrity measures in the country.”

“We’re making sure we’re enforcing voter ID,” DeSantis commented during his Fox News appearance from West Palm Beach, where he signed the legislation in front of cheering supporters. “We’re also banning ballot harvesting. We’re not going to let political operatives go and get satchels of votes to dump them in some dropbox.”

Florida’s Senate Bill 90 also prohibits “mass mailing of balloting,” the governor said. “We’ve had absentee voting in Florida for a long time. You request the ballot, you get it, and you mail it in. But to just indiscriminately send them out is not a recipe for success.”

Florida’s law requires votes to be tracked as they come in, in real-time, and the new legislation’s provisions will strengthen that, DeSantis said.

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  1. Today’s Republican Party knows that they can’t win elections the old fashioned way – by convincing the most voters that you have the best ideas and candidates. They know – Ted Cruz even said it out loud – that they can only win by suppressing the votes from those parts of the public that are less likely to vote for them. So their winning strategy is to make it as hard as possible to vote. This has absolutely nothing to do with “security” or “integrity”.

    • Getting nervous? You have complete majority in all branches of government and you still can’t get anything done. What a loser.

    • Dear 3:11 socialist-fascist, if you love socialism so much, why don’t you move to any socialist-fascist country from this list: Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea. Or any country run by a totalitarian islamist regime, which usually incorporate socialist policies. By the way, the american progressives of the century ago were major fans of Mussolini and his newest progressive ideology in the spectrum of various socialism flavors – the fascism. Their honeymoon lasted for more than a decade until the ethiopian invasion; so it wasn’t the ideological opposition that made open fascism impolite in the West, but just a particular foreign policy disagreement. So, referring to you as a socialist-fascist is not just trolling, but a very accurate description of your D’Rat ideology.

  2. This is RACIST!!! DeSantis is a classic evil priviliged WHITE racist male. He is encouraging systemic racism. The fans must boycott all Miami Heat and Florida Marlins games! The Dolphins stink, so there’s no need for a boycott there. All blacks should move out of Florida and settle in Vermont.

  3. DeSantis is the man. More Trump than Trump himself. DeSantis actually uses the levers of power available to him, as opposed to just talking and complaining. DeSantis should be our 2024 nominee. Trump is a nice guy, but he had his 4 years and he missed his chance by his poor HR decisions that resulted in him being betrayed by his own nominees almost every time – Trump means well, but apparently he is lacking the management skills. DeSantis shows no such weakness.


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