Desperate Americans Hit by Pandemic Beg Congress, Trump for More Aid

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Sylvia Padilla spent last Thursday checking food pantries in Lubbock, Texas for groceries to feed herself, her daughter and three-year-old grandson.

Some places were closed, others had nothing available. Outside the shuttered St. John’s United Methodist Church, Padilla, 50, recounted her struggle to survive during the economic disaster that the novel coronavirus pandemic had dumped upon her, choking words out through tears of fear and frustration.

“This is like a nightmare I can’t wake up from,” Padilla said, resting her face in her hands. “It really feels like a nightmare, but it’s our reality.”

Like many Americans, Padilla is barely getting by and says she desperately needs government help. She received a $1,200 check in April from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act passed by the U.S. Congress and signed by President Donald Trump on March 27.

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    • The “pet projects” are things like helping state and local governments to avoid laying off employees like police officers, firefighters, and teachers; helping performing arts organizations that unlike shuls can’t reopen at all to stay in business; helping small businesses that have lost markets as the result of the pandemic; extending unemployment benefits; helping people facing eviction from their homes; additional aid to school systems to help them to reopen safely; and money for coronavirus testing, tracking, and tracing.

      That is what the Republicans are opposing.

      • It’s totally fine with me state and local governments lay off people and performing arts organizations close down

        The shut down activists knew the consequences beforehand.

  1. The heading is wrong: Americans were not hit by pandemic. Americans were hit by the government-forced disaster, with pandemic being merely an excuse. None of the “lockdown” measures saved a single life – check uptodate statistics before you start arguing on this point. The more socialist-fascist is the local government, the more extensive is the economic and health disaster! So, the best thing to do is to refuse any federal aid – if your locality was dumb enough to elect demonrats, then your locality, and no one else, should bear the consequences.

  2. This all thanks to idiot Dems like charlie hall (why does matzav publish his comments?)bill de blasio and Andrew Cuomo yms who shut down businesses for no reason only to make trump look bad if dems really gave a hoot they would let hcq also if our saintly governor gave a jack about jewish lives he wouldn’t t have killed all our (grand)parents in nursing homes for have let riots and protests go on for so long if he truly cared about them (to say you left it to local governments is completely ridiculous part of your job is to enforce the rules and if it took you 5 months to realize your incompetent and should go get treated for cognitive problems along with Joe Biden who wants to make him AG)but of course as always it’s all trump’s fault

    • “why does matzav publish his comments?” Why? His comments are not worse than most who believe fake news with a passion. Even you are part of the gullible ones and have no idea what’s going on in the world. All those names you just mentioned are not around anymore. Sit down and compare the faces with an original (many times used even on this site) and see for yourself.


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