DESPICABLE: Congresswoman Accuses Israel Of ‘Indiscriminate Bombing Campaign’

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As Israel investigates an airstrike that killed that killed seven aid workers, including an American, Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) accused the Jewish state of an “indiscriminate bombing campaign” that “only results in further devastating loss.”

“The killing of humanitarian aid workers is shameful,” the ranking member of the House Appropriations Committee stated on Tuesday, the day after the attack.

“The Israeli government must exhaust all efforts to preserve and protect innocent civilians and humanitarian aid workers caught in the middle of this conflict,” the congresswoman said.

Food must not be used as “a weapon of war,” she added, insisting that Israel allow “at least 500 trucks”with aid into Gaza daily.

“We also need an immediate ceasefire of at least six weeks and for hostages held by Hamas to be freed,” she stated.

On Oct. 7, DeLauro wrote of the “devastating” images coming out of Israel. “The abhorrent terrorist attacks by Hamas on civilians are unconscionable,” she wrote at the time. “I stand strongly behind our ally Israel and firmly support its right to defend itself.”

“We must end Hamas’s ongoing terror in the region to create a lasting peace,” she added on Oct. 31. “Everyone will be hurt if Hamas remains in control of Gaza. I strongly believe Israel has the right to defend itself and protect its citizens in accordance with international law.”

She added on the same day that “Hamas’s brutal attacks created a humanitarian crisis for civilians in Gaza.”

“I’m calling for a humanitarian pause to restore power and water and the rapid distribution of humanitarian aid to innocent civilians,” she wrote at the time. “I am also strongly urging the unconditional release of all hostages.” JNS


  1. What an ugly woman!!
    Notice how as an afterthought she adds in the freeing of the hostages.
    What’s despicable are the voters voting her back into office.

  2. The entire Congress Swamp is gone. Yes, Conspiracy Theorist have yet to be proven wrong. BTW Where did they dig this ugly thing up from?


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