Despite Incessant Ticketing, Lakewood Police Chief Says There’s No Blitz


lawsonOver the past few days, Lakewood, NJ, residents have witnessed and experienced a ticketing blitz by the local police department, with drivers receiving summonses for even minor infractions. The police chief, Rob Lawson, however, says that there is no blitz and that the ticketing is simply standard law enforcement.

The following is a statement released by Chief Lawson: 

In regard to several inquiries from the media about a police ticket “blitz”, please be advised that there has been no ticket “blitz” ordered by myself or any of the other Commanders of the Police Department. Inquiries were made about enforcement of motor vehicle violations, particularly on Clifton Avenue between 2nd and 6th Street. I have reviewed the (38) summonses that were issued in this area over the last two days, and about ½ of them (18) are for excessive speed. The average documented speed for vehicles receiving summonses was almost 14 mph over the speed limit and the majority of them were in a school zone. This is a particularly hazardous violation which endangers pedestrians and other vehicles, especially in our heavily trafficked downtown area.In addition to speeding, summonses were issued for the following violations: (4) Unregistered Vehicles, (2) Uninsured Vehicles, (3) Careless Driving, (1) Unlicensed Driver, (2) Red Lights, (6) Seat Belts, (1) Failure to Inspect, and (1) Improper Turn on Red. As you can see, most of the summonses that were issued were for hazardous violations and the officers were doing their jobs in protecting our community by issuing the summonses. In many cases, multiple summonses could have been issued for additional violations such as cell phone use while driving and failure to stop for pedestrians at intersections.

As of May 1st , we will be issuing summonses for failing to stop for pedestrians at intersections, so please be aware of this new law that I have spoken about repeatedly in the press. Cell phone use while driving without a hands free device is also a serious issue in town, as you commonly see many people holding a cell phone to their ear and chatting while driving. We do have a high accident rate in Lakewood and it is attributable to all of the above stated issues.

Please slow down, do not talk on a cell phone while driving unless you are using a hands-free device, insure that your vehicle is registered, insured and inspected, always wear your seat belt and obey the traffic signs and signals – and Lakewood will be a much safer community for all of us.

Thank you.

Chief Rob Lawson.

{Dovid Newscenter}


  1. If they really mean the good of the town , I would suggest that they give a verbal warning for the first offense . The message will come across loud and clear without issuing summonses for the first offense.

  2. This sounds like the police guy is telling thetruth and the violators are whining. He mentioned all the violations and none of them indicate a blitz.

  3. By BMG even with ilegal no parking, Handicap signs they get ticketed, unless you are from BMG staff. By the Churches “no standing” they don’t issue any summnses.


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