Detained Gaza Terrorist Says Hamas Hid as Hospital Staff in Al Shifa

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The IDF announced on Monday that since the initiation of the ground operation in the Gaza Strip, more than 300 terrorists from various groups have been captured and brought to Israel for interrogation. Unit 504 of the Intelligence Corps, specializing in undercover operations, has conducted these interrogations, yielding substantial information crucial for ground forces and resulting in strikes against numerous terrorist targets.

To underscore the significance of these interrogations, the military released footage from the questioning of three detained terrorists. In one instance, a terrorist confessed that not only members of Hamas but also those from Palestinian Islamic Jihad were active in Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza. Some even disguised themselves as medical staff, a fact known to the hospital’s personnel, who expressed discontent but seemingly took no action.

Another detainee revealed that terrorists hid rockets in mattresses within the Palestine Red Crescent building, where many displaced Gazans sought refuge. He condemned Hamas for employing civilians as “human shields.” A third informant disclosed terrorist activities at Al Rantisi Hospital and the “Swedish hospital” in Gaza, likely referring to a clinic in the city. He observed around 100 “organized” terrorists near Al Rantisi Hospital, using hospitals as bases for attacks while disguised in civilian attire.

The IDF emphasized the importance of human intelligence from Unit 504, confirming over 300 enemy targets in the Gaza Strip, with more than 100 struck as part of the target production effort. A senior official from Unit 504 noted an unprecedented influx of phone calls from Gazans, indicating dissatisfaction with Hamas’ actions. The official stated that “the ordinary civilian understands that Hamas is bringing disaster to the residents of Gaza that will be difficult for them to recover from.”

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  1. s that Hamas is bringing disaster to the residents of Gaza that will be difficult for them to recover from.”



    The young children were taught in school to hate and kill!


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