Detroit Medical Halacha and Ethics Yarchei Kallah

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Detroit’s 7th Biennial Medical Halacha and Ethics Yarchei Kallah will take place from Wednesday evening, May 30, through Sunday evening, June 3, at Partners Detroit of Yeshiva Beth Yehuda in Southfield (Detroit), Michigan. The Yarchei Kallah’s educational director is Rav Yaakov Weiner, dean and rosh kollel of the Jerusalem Center for Research: Medicine and Halacha.

            The Yarchei Kallah consists of chaburah-style learning of relevant source materials, followed by shiurim on varied medical halacha topics. Rav Weiner will be learning the mareh mekomos with participants and giving most of the shiurim.

Also participating on Sunday, June 3, is Rav Micha Cohn, maggid shiur, lecturer and author from Lakewood, NJ. Other community rabbonim who will be giving shiurim include Rav Asher Eisenberger, Rav Shmuel Irons, and Rav Aharon Sorscher. This year’s topics will include Chatzizah in Tevilah, Anencephalic Fetuses and Newborns, Hatzalah (EMS) Issues on Shabbos, and Yichud Issues for Healthcare Professionals.

The program is primarily geared toward physicians and healthcare providers, but others are encouraged to participate.



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