Developer to Invest Millions in Ocean Place

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oceanplace-resort-njA developer with strong ties to the Orthodox Jewish Community is reportedly ready to invest millions of dollars into Ocean Place Resort and Conference Center. The developer, Fermoor Homes of Jackson, plans on playing a major role in redeveloping the hotel and property it’s on.

If the bankruptcy court approves the hotel’s restructuring plan, Fernmoor Homes reportedly plans to spend millions on renovating the outside of the structure and remodeling the inside starting the end of this year.

Coakley & Williams, the newly chosen management company for Ocean Place that current owners have enlisted to help bring the Long Branch staple out of bankruptcy, welcomes the idea and says they think customers from the Orthodox Community should bring much needed business to the resort.

So how is the City affected? City officials are hoping if the new plan succeeds, the $3.5 million dollars that the hotel owes Long Branch for Abbotsford Ave., will reportedly be paid back. And it will continue to be one of the biggest taxpayers here.
And Oceanfest’s Future? Ocean Place has always been a major part of Oceanfest over the last 15 years or so. Some folks around the City voiced concerns that eventually the new investors would not support Oceanfest which attracts thousands of visitors to the promenade every July 4th. However City officials and the LB Chamber of Commerce say they met with Oceanplace management and the hotel will be sponsoring the event this year and plan to for the future. Stay tuned.

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  1. well, this is all great for the buchrim who always date here! this will just make it a nicer dating place!!! this will really melt the freezer!!


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