DHS Mistakenly Gave Citizenship to 858 Immigrants

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The Department of Homeland Security mistakenly granted U.S. citizenship to 858 immigrants who were supposed to be deported, according to an internal audit. The immigrants were found to have used different names or dates of birth—items that were not noticed because their fingerprints were not in a government database, because they were still on paper files and not part of a computer check. The individuals came from countries that pose a national-security risk to the U.S., or those which are routine hotbeds of immigration fraud, the auditor reported.

Officials don’t believe the flap is part of a larger problem within the government. An additional 953 people who were scheduled to be deported were also mistakenly naturalized, according to the inspector general’s report. Read more.



  1. Sorry I don’t think it was a mistake, there were orders from above and severe uselessness of our system that it was done purposely, done to get those people in behind congresses back. Since we now have a kingship and all they say now is I declare these people are now citizens and it was so. So people keep on voting for the same people you will keep on getting the same result, garbage. The next bomber may be living right next door to you.

  2. If “[a]n additional 953 people who were scheduled to be deported were also mistakenly naturalized” why not say, “Almost 2000 deportees mistakenly naturalized”?
    Nothing to worry about here, folks.

  3. this is not the first “mistake” the Obama administration committed. He made so many “mistakes” and “executive mistakes” that they don’t fit on this page


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