Dick Cheney Strongly Backs Spying on Other Nations

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cheneyThere’s good reason to spy on other countries – even an ally – former Vice President Dick Cheney said in an interview aired Monday.

“You never know what you’re going to need when you need it,” he told CNN.

“We do collect a lot of intelligence,” he conceded “Without speaking about any particular target or group of targets, that intelligence capability is enormously important to the United States, to our conduct in foreign policy, to defense matters, economic matters, and I’m a strong supporter of it.”

“We do have a fantastic intelligence capability, worldwide, against all kinds of potential issues and concerns. We are vulnerable, as was shown on 9/11.”

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  1. Henry Stimson, Secretary of War for FDR, said ‘Gentlemen don’t read other gentlemen’s mail’. This was about 1940; FDR changed that attitude and Stimson. In this world , we do and must ‘snoop’ on allies and enemies; just don’t get caught!
    As usual. Hussein Obama was caught flatfooted. So, he could have had his mouthpiece say, “all nations do it – including those who are pointing their fingers at the USA”, and left it at that.

  2. This whole thing is just a show. It’s not a surprise that allies spy on each other. I’m sure they’re spying on us too. That’s the way the world works and that’s the way it should be!

  3. #2
    Henry Stimson, later (republican) Secretary of War for (democrat) FDR, said ‘Gentlemen don’t read other gentlemen’s mail’ in 1928 when he was Sec of State
    By 1940 he recanted

  4. The fact that this is an issue is ridiculous.
    All nations spy on each other.
    If anyone things Frau Merkel was surprised, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.


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