Dick Morris: Georgia Recount ‘A Sham And A Hoax And A Fix’

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Political strategist and Newsmax analyst Dick Morris on Friday blasted the presidential ballot recount underway in Georgia, declaring that the process is a ”sham and a hoax and a fix.”

In an interview on Newsmax TV’s ”Spicer & Co.,” Morris offered a video of Republican monitors at a hand-count of ballots in Georgia.

“Inspectors are far away from the table … [they] can’t see the ballots,” Morris said of the footage.

”This is the recount that is supposed to solve the problems,” he added. ”It’s absurd.

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  1. The recounts in Georgia have found 8 out 9 signatures not matching. With so much fraud in all States, recounting is like unscrambling scrambled eggs.

  2. The recount is being overseen by the Georgia Secretary of State, a Trump supporting Republican. He is facing a Friday deadline to certify the election results.

    Georgia is one of only three states where a recount would even be legal. We should all be thanking the elections officials who have been working around the clock.


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