Dick Morris: Trump Ahead Or Tied For 284 Electoral Votes — 14 More Than He Needs


By Dick Morris

Donald Trump, according to the latest polling, is ahead in states with 230 electoral votes and is tied in five states with a combined 54 more, giving him a potential haul of 284 votes — 14 more than he needs to win.

And that doesn’t count Florida where RealClearPolitics.Com shows Hillary clinging to a 1.2 point lead.

Trump is ahead in all the states Romney carried (including Indiana and North Carolina) and in Ohio (18 votes) and Iowa (6). He is tied in Pennsylvania (20), Michigan (16), Nevada (6), New Hampshire (4), and Colorado (8).

And he could still carry Florida and has an outside shot at Wisconsin.

So far so good.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Trump it is. Besides the fact its assur to vote for hillary its disgracful to even think about voting in a person he doesn’t gone a barn about classified materialand someone who had the FBI on her case.

  2. Zechor yemos olam binuh shnoys dor vador. American yidden talk and act liberally about politics as though they are baleboss and don’t chapp they’re just GUESTS in America, just like we’ve acted everywhere in countries where we felt too heymish (remember Spain and interbellum Germany?)… Keep a low profile and daven the storm blows over, it’s mamesh a contest between Achashveroysh and Zeyresh…


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