Did Trump Bow? Conservative and Liberal News Outlets Can’t Seem To Agree

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Remember when conservative news outlets went into a tizzy at the start of Barack Obama’s presidency when he bent at during a handshake with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah? Well it doesn’t seem that they’re quite as bothered by President Donald Trump also bending his head toward the Saudi king.

Trump stayed firmly vertical when he greeted the Saudi king on Saturday and many outlets were quick to call attention to that. Fox News was clear: “Trump shakes hands with Saudi leader, doesn’t bow as Obama appeared to do.” The Drudge Report also linked to it as an example of why America is “GREAT AGAIN.”

But then many of these same outlets ignored what looked like a clear bow when, later in the day, King Salman presented Tump with the King Abdulaziz al Saud Collar, the kingdom’s highest civilian honor. Is Trump bowing or is he just lowering his head to receive the medal? Read more at SLATE.



  1. אלו ואלו.

    It’s similar to חנה’s youngest son who didn’t bow to pick up the seal. But if he would have, it would have only been as if he accepted הרמנא דמלכא – the king’s authority – not really bowing to Avoda Zara.

    Similarly here, the conservatives are correct in that Trump didn’t bow like Obama did – for no other reason – as if the Saudi king was his god. Nevertheless, the liberals are correct in that Trump bowed in a way that showed King Salman’s authority over him since he bowed to receive the gold medal.

  2. Stupid article!!!!

    The picture says it all, he lowered his head so he can put the necklace on.

    Heintikeh Lamdonim!

  3. crazy & plain rediculous

    obama bowed cause he’s a muslim & feels an act of respect towards this muslim ruler, trump is a christian & did not bow to this muslim ruler

  4. i pray to G-d that our President never has an itch to scratch. because if he does, it would be in all the headlines and you can well imagine what a spin they would do with that!

  5. Such desperation from the libtards.

    He’s a foot taller than the king. Of course he had to bend down (not bow) to receive the medal.


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