Didn’t Make It To Meron This Year? Stay Tuned For Matzav’s Live Feed


Unable to join the thousands upon thousands of Yidden who made the pilgrimage to Meron for the Yahrtzeit of the Tanna R Shimon Bar Yochai? Matzav  has you covered.

Starting Motzei Shabbos, we will be hosting a livestream of all the events taking place at the holy site. Watch hundreds of Yidden pouring their hearts  out at the kever of the holy Tanna. Feel the simcha of thousands of Yidden dancing around the bonfires all through the night. Catch all this and more on Matzav.com Meron Livestream, starting right after Shabbos.




  1. Who cares?! I, for one, will not waste my time watching this narishkeit. So immature.

  2. Really? Reading the news and posting comments on Matzav is a good use of your time, but this is a waste of time and a narishkeit. Interesting…………


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