Difficulty Formulating New Draft Bill

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Leaders of UTJ and Shas met to discuss the formulation of a new yeshiva draft bill to replace the bill disqualified by the Supreme Court four months ago.

The new bill will need to satisfy Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who opposes the exemption of yeshiva students, as well as Supreme Court President Esther Chayot, who disqualified the former draft law.

The Torah parties are concerned that at the point of reaching an agreement over the issue, Lieberman might deliberately terminate the government to prevent authorization of a new bill. This would strengthen his standing among the secular population versus Yair Lapid.

“We are having very great difficulty formulating a text agreeable to all,” said a senior Knesset official. “The bill must be acceptable to the parties as well as the Attorney General. So far, we have had no success.”



  1. For all those commenters who claim “there’s no army draft for Yeshiva boys. You can get an exemption…”, here’s proof that you’ve been hibernating for about 6 years.

    • Problem is, there is a major effort to silence any mention of the looming dangers to the exemptions of Mizrachi/Dati Leumi girls.
      Something you may not have known:
      A letter was sent from Roshei Yeshiva in the US to Gedolim in Eretz yisrael about this very issue.
      Just today, Sefardi Gedolim responded to the dangers surrounding the peturim of girls.
      For more info, pick up the Buzz magazine and read the leaflet inside.

  2. Keep davenning Rabbosai. One of the Ziknei Roshei Yeshiva, member of the Moetzes of Agudath Israel, said (not an exact quote) the draft law issue is a bigger threat to Klall Yisroel and Kedushas Yisroel than Iran and Radical Islam.

  3. the Zionists will do anything to take boys from learning Torah, the army does NOT protect us, the Torah does as it has for thousands of years.

  4. Once you give in on your values (i.e. quotas etc from the previous law), they will keep pushing for more. The 1st pirtzah was the Tal Law. It wasn’t enough and was struck down in 2009. This law gave up even more, still not enough.


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