DioGuardi Reaches Out to NY Orthodox Jewish Republicans for Petitions


republican-congressman-joe-dioguardiIt was widely reported that former Republican Congressman Joe DioGuardi filed July 15 an excess of 25,000 signatures to appear on the ballot of the September 14, 2010 Republican Primary in New York to challenge Senator Christian Gillibrand (D) in November.

What went unreported, however, was the concerted effort by Mr. DioGuardi to get as many signatures possible from within the Republican Bloc of the Orthodox Jewish and Chassidishe communities throughout New York, despite the fact that DioGuardi already had the 15,000 petitions needed to file at the time that the effort wasundertaken.

DioGuardi for Senate designated funds to cover more than 120 hours of work for people to collect petitions in the Jewish Community. The fact that a lot peopleare away from home in the current summer days did not help. However, the effort was still undertaken on the direct request of Mr. DioGuardi who wanted and still wants to tap into the ever-increasing Republican voting base within the Orthodox Jewish and Hasidic communities in NY.


DioGuardi, which is also the Conservative Party nominee, will face off on September 14 against Bruce Blackman and David Malpass. A June poll by Siena Research Institute gave DioGuardi a clear lead against both of his Republican rivals.



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