Dirah Guys: We Made It!

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Dear Matzav Readers,

Thanks so much for spreading the word about our campaign. We really appreciate it.

Many of your readers contributed (see the original Matzav post here), and if you can get them the message that we really appreciate it, that will be great.

This was posted on our site:

With much gratitude to Hashem Yisborach, we would like to inform you that we reached our goal, and we won’t be getting kicked out of our dirah.

We couldn’t have done this without all of your generous donations. Even though most of you don’t know who we are, you still understood our situation and helped us out.

We thank you from the bottom of our Hearts.

Me ke’amchah Yisroel.

A special thanks to:




for helping us get the word out.

The Dirah Guys



  1. people Learning in EY is a luxury stop pretending its a must have. yes these boys were in a sticky situation (and its nice to know they got out of it even if i disagree with the method) but you do not HAVE go to EY to learn in the first place. the bochrim of today need to learn the difference between want and need.

  2. typical
    get the other guy to bail you out

    how about tutoring or some other part time job to get money
    or is that from the gimmel aveiros chamuros

    great chinuch
    get the other guy to bail you out
    and you do nothing but be on the internet

  3. My son cleaned houses when he learned in Israel for two years. Not particularly pleasant work but he wanted to make some money and not go asking his parents for more. G-d forbid these bochurim should do the same during the zeman break.

    My son is now in a PhD program in Psychology, and learns hours every day with a chevrusa before Shacharit and after dinner.

    That is called a work ethic.


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