DISASTER: Insurers Brace For Potential $2 Trillion ‘Bidencare’ Plan

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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden wants to expand the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare legislation, and then name it after himself.

Republican President Donald Trump wants to end it altogether, and replace it with something that has yet to be defined.

An ongoing debate over which approach is better for the economy is partly about price tags. Bidencare is forecast to increase federal healthcare spending by $2 trillion or more over 10 years. Trump’s approach is to hold federal spending stable or reduce it.

Bidencare supporters emphasize the stimulative effects of government spending, especially in a period of economic distress, and the benefits of insuring more people in the middle of a pandemic. Those who prefer Trump’s approach say it would avoid debt or tax increases they say would drag on future economic growth.

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  1. Breaking: Media Blackout Of Hunter Biden Stories Abruptly Ends With This ABC Report

    (Tea Party PAC) – When the New York Post dropped its bombshell report about Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings just over two weeks ago, Big Tech began what seemed like an organized, united effort to suppress the story across all media platforms.
    Twitter straight up banned the story and locked the Post out of their account, mainstream media outlets refused to cover it and journalists avoided asking Biden any questions concerning it.
    The evidence from the now infamous laptop has been damning for the Biden campaign and for Joe Biden himself. Emails and text messages that have been corroborated by sources with first-hand knowledge, like former Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski, have indicated that Joe “The Big Guy” Biden was profiting off of his son’s business dealings in China and Ukraine.
    Since the initial New York Post story there have been other explosive revelations from the Hunter Biden laptop
    The blatant suppression of the stories has raised serious red flags with many Americans who see it for exactly what it is. The media’s attempt to squash and discredit the laptop revelations have only made Americans more curious about it and they’ve taken it upon themselves to search out outlets that have been covering it.
    Now it seems as though at least one mainstream media outlet has found their journalistic integrity after all. Either that or ABC has run out of excuses justifying their refusal to cover the stories.
    ABC aired a report in which reporter Tom Llamas actually confronted Joe Biden in person and asked him pointed questions instead of the typical coddling we’ve seen from the MSM.
    In the opening of the report, Llamas introduces the story by saying that Hunter Biden used his father’s name in his foreign business dealings and Joe Biden himself may have made millions of dollars off of these deals.
    “It’s a question we tried to ask repeatedly…but kept getting blocked,” Llamas said of their attempts to question Biden in person.
    Llamas points out that the questions they were trying to ask were in reference to Hunter Biden’s dealings in countries where his father was “working as America’s top diplomat.”
    ABC went further into this story than any mainstream outlet has dared to go thus far. In the report, Llamas pointed out that Joe Biden went to Kiev to help the government fight the “cancer of corruption” but then “just three weeks later, a Ukrainian national gas company, Burisma, which had been accused of corruption, promotes Hunter Biden to its board, and paid his firm millions of dollars a year.”
    Llamas even went as far as to report that Hunter had been discharged from the Navy reserves for abusing cocaine and that he had no experience in the natural gas industry that would indicate he was qualified to serve on the board of Burisma.
    Is the media blackout on the Hunter Biden stories actually coming to an end? ABC has, possibly without realizing it, put pressure on other mainstream outlets to cover the stories. ABC has given credibility to the stories that the MSM has so far refused to do and therefore other outlets may have no choice but to cover the stories now.
    ABC’s report on this is a massive blow to the Biden campaign and we have to give credit where credit is due.

  2. “Trump’s approach is to hold federal spending stable or reduce it.”

    That is a lie. Federal spending increased from $3,981,630 million in Fiscal year 2017 (Obama’s last budget) to $4,789,746 million in the fiscal year that just ended. That is a 20% increase at a time of near zero inflation.

    And I got those numbers from whitehouse dot gov. The Trumpies can’t scream “fake news” on this.

    • 2:32 lying commie Charlie Hall is at it again. Here is the truth: a) Other than veto power, a president does not control the budget – that’s completely in House of Representatives jurisdiction. b) Due to the Dimcretins socialist-fascists sabotaging the economy using the scamdemic as an excuse, Trump was forced to issue all kinds of government cheese(a strategic blunder in my humble opinion, but it’s too late now unfortunately) – hence more expenditures, but all due to the Demoncrauts shenanigans. In fact, Dumborats wanted to spend even more, so if anything Trump prevented even more waste of taxpayers’ money.


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