DISGRACE: Twitter Blocks Dr. Samadi For Saying That Hydroxychloroquine Can Cure Covid-19

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When Dr. David Samadi, M.D., lead medical contributor for Newsmax TV, logged onto his Twitter account on Wednesday, he noticed something was different. He couldn’t tweet out any messages.

Then he checked his email. In his inbox, an email from Twitter telling him his account “has been locked for violating the Twitter Rules.”

Samadi, a nationally renowned physician and surgeon dubbed one of New York City’s “top doctors” by New York Magazine, was placed on 24-hour Twitter timeout for breaking the social media platform’s policy on “spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19.”

This, for offering his professional opinion that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) treatment can be effective against COVID-19.

Read more at NEWSMAX.



  1. HCQ cures very effectively malaria (the non cloroquine-resistant variant) and does so safely and with few controindications, but NO ONE is recommending people catch malaria or get exposed to it. Why the difference?!
    Antibiotics cure very effectively TBC (the non antibiotic-resistant variant) and do so safely and with few contraindications, but NO ONE is recommending people catch TBC or get exposed to it. Why the difference?!

    I could go on and on….

  2. Why should we get involved in a medical debate? One thing is a doctor making an effort to make a drug or treatment available to one or more patients of his, that the doctor believes will benefit, even in the absence of evidence-based standards of care. This is not controversial and is done all the time, e.g. rare diseases, off-label use, contraindications to first-line therapy, etc. Quite another thing is politicizing the issue, or even making it an almost religious matter. Would Moshiach arrive any sooner, if HCQ works better than steroids or viceversa?

  3. if he would have said that HCQ can kill Jews ch”v, like Khomeini’s (YMSV) tweets, then his tweets would have been alright, …

  4. Twitter is clearly becoming a Democrat/Progressive Left propaganda tool! Just follow the paper trail.
    Khakameini’s kill Israel messages are fine but anything Trump or looking like it’s his type of stuff, is taboo!

  5. I don’t use twitter but this week I saw how Twitter allowed Khomeni to say to annihilate the jews and nothing happened. Trump praises someone and he gets banned. Last week they banned the magen dovid. Something rotten is going on at Twitter. Is there something compatible to Twitter?


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