DISGRACE: Watch: Arabs Use Talleisim to Kneel and Pray at Ben Gurion Airport Shul

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  1. I don’t like it, but I’m not sure what the disgrace is. We worship the same G-d and they take better care of their prayer mats than some people do their tallesim.

  2. Perhaps the videographer could explain to them that the use of a Tallis in this manner is disrespectful. Couldn’t one assume they unintentionally made a mistake? Why should we assume the worst of people praying? And why should matzav viewers be staring at a woman’s backside while she is bending over? What is the point of blurring faces of women but then showing a woman In a compromising position? Does this video really need to be posted?

  3. This is an old video you yourself showed us a few years ago. Slow news day? More fake news. Are you kinderlach that desperate? Just stick to the dreaded measles outbreak.

  4. We are by Halacha allowed to enter their mosques(except for har habayit) because we believe in the same g-d. If they came in to pray, doesn’t sound like the heir intention was to disgrace the tallitim.
    Now if they came in with knives while we were praying….


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