Disgrace: Women of the Wall to Lain from Torah at Kosel for First Time

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koselThe Women of the Wall campaign group met with Minister of Religious Services Naftali Bennett and the Deputy Minister Eli Ben-Dahan this afternoon as part of efforts to reduce tensions over the issue of prayer rights at the Kosel. WoW will hold their monthly prayer service at the women’s section of the Kosel on Sunday and the group has said that it will read from a Sefer Torah during the service. Following a meeting last month with Bennett and Ben-Dahan, WoW agreed not to read from the Torah as a compromise to help lower tensions. The group now says that since its prayer service was met with hostile and at times violent protest from charedi demonstrators it no longer sees a reason to refrain from reading from the Sefer Torah.

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  1. What is the big deal?

    I can understand that you have issues with their political agenda, but to say that it is a disgrace for them to lain from the Torah is not well said at all.

  2. “The group now says that since its prayer service was met with hostile and at-times violent protest from Charedi demonstrators, it no longer sees a reason to refrain from reading from the Sefer Torah.”

    If WoW thought that the Charedi demonstrators were “hostile” and “violent” before, wait until WoW reads from the Torah on Sunday. It’ll make last month look like a picnic. But WoW knows this and is doing what they’re doing, only to be provocative.

  3. Hope they have Nekudos in their Scroll. And acouldnt pick a more perfect Parsha. “Korach”. A Sink Hole would really show Who’s Boss

  4. A Sefer Torah that was written by a “Min”, is passul. Hopefully they’ll read from a pasul Sefer, which will be like reading from a Chumash. Clowns. (Clowns, with a wicked agenda, though).

  5. 5, that’s not helpful. The demonstrators were widely condemned. The gedolim clearly laid out a plan, and the women did quite well.

  6. You forget men can’t daven if women are singing! Also remember thing women technically women are allowed to do in Shul (the Kosell for that matter) can’t be done because it is not Tzinua for the to do in front of men (or for that matter even behind the macheitza)

  7. hy don’t the various parties trust each other ?

    Why can’t they try and understand each other’s frame of reference and at the same time find common ground ?

    Where are the real peacemakers and those who can adjudicate with authority in the Jewish community at the moment ?

  8. It is telling that WoW’s response to hostility is to further fan the flames of controversy. Shame on the religious services ministry for not defending religion and not opposing provocation.

  9. This seems to be a modern day version of the despicable acts performed by Hadrian in the Neis Hamikdosh.
    While the Romans felt just in their lust, so do WOW in theirs.
    The carnal acts performed on a sefer Torah in the Beis HaMikdosh parallels the lack of respect and all out purposeful disgrace to the Torah.

  10. Agree with #19, Not Surprised. As we know, there is no more ancient Rome. The same will be with all those who dare to desecrate Torah and with such venom. The WOW are not women, they are machasheifot. They are warring with H’ and am sure He will mete out justice for their in-your-face sins and the machloket they are creating.


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