Video: Distraught Hopkins Gunman Kills Himself, Mother, Shoots Jewish Doctor


swat-team [Video below.] Updated: A gunman shot a doctor at the world-famous Johns Hopkins medical complex in Baltimore this morning and barricaded himself in his mother’s hospital room. A SWAT team was readying to take the suspect down when he killed himself and his mom, cops said.

The doctor, identified by Maryland TV stations as spinal surgeon David Cohen, was in critical condition with a bullet in the chest, but expected to live, police said.

“He’s in surgery as we speak, but he’s going to be okay. He’s in the best place he could ever be – at Johns Hopkins hospital,” said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

A nurse who saw the gunman said he was upset about the medical treatment his mother was getting.

“I started running,” she told the Baltimore Sun. “When you hear gunshots you run.”

Most of the sprawling teaching hospital remained operational but visitors were told to leave.

Dr. David Cohen
Dr. David Cohen

“The situation is contained,” Guglielmi said, before the gunman was killed. “There’s no risk to the general public, to patients.”

He would not release the identity of the dead gunman, described only as a black man in his 30s, or his mother.

The 11:15 a.m. shooting took place on the eighth floor of the Nelson Building, which includes a thoracic center and trauma care. The building was on lockdown and portions were evacuated.

The Sun reported that so many cops were at the hospital that the department had to call in officers from other districts and detectives were answering 911 calls.

Jacqueline Billy, a respiratory care nurse on the seventh floor, said she fled to an elevator when the shooting took place but accidentally went up to the eighth floor instead of down.

The doors opened on a crowd of cops with guns drawn, telling her to close the door.

“I was petrified, the door opened and there are a bunch of guns. You never expect that,” she told the Sun.

Two weeks ago and 30 miles away, a crazed gunman rampaged through the Silver Spring, Md. headquarters of the Discovery Channel, holding three people hostage for hours until he was shot and killed by police.

Johns Hopkins is one of the founding institutions of American medicine and is consistently ranked best overall hospital in the nation.

The hospital has more than 1,000 beds, 1,700 full-time doctors and 30,000 employees.

 Baltimore police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III said the doctor had been talking to 50-year-old Warren Davis just after 11 a.m. when he “became emotionally distraught and reacted … and was overwhelmed by the news of his mother’s condition.”

Bealefeld said he did not know what the woman was being treated for at the world-class facility, known for its cancer research and treatment.

Davis then pulled a semiautomatic handgun from his waistband shot the doctor once in the abdomen, the commissioner said.

When officers made their way to the eighth-floor room, they found Warren Davis dead on the floor and his mother dead in her hospital bed.

A small area of the hospital had been locked down before the gunman died, as about a dozen officers wearing vests and helmets and carrying assault weapons prepared to go into the hospital at midday.

The Nelson building is the main hospital tower. According to the Hopkins website, the eighth floor is home to orthopedic, spine, trauma and thoracic services.

The rest of the massive hospital, research and medical education complex remained open, including the emergency department.

Click below for a video report:

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{Baltimore Sun/NY Daily News/AP} Newscenter


  1. B”H the Dr. will be okay. Scary. We thank Hashem over and over for his Chasodim.

    I was shocked to read one line in this article. Hopkins has 1000 beds – so it has 1000 patients. For that they need 1700 doctors? 1.7 for each patient? It gets better – they have 30,000 employees. This means if you are a patient in this place you have almost 2 doctors and 30 people getting paid to take care of you? WOW – you must be really important that 32 people are working and able to get paid just because you are sick and using 1 of their beds. Something is very wrong with this picture!

  2. Have you ever heard of doctor and staff shifts in a hospital? A hospital is open 24/7,do you actually think all the doctors and staff are there the entire time? Please think a little before you bash a news item it makes you look ignorant!

  3. #1: hospitals don’t only employ MDs and RNs, they employ people to work for maintenance, food services, laundry, switchboard, computer techs, lab techs, researchers …..

  4. I am aware of everything you are all saying but still I ask you – does it make sense that a business needs 32 employees to take care of 1 customer? My point is simply that now we know why it cost a bloody fortune to be in a hospital. No other business in the world needs a 32:1 ratio. Something is wrong somewhere!

  5. As a father of a child who uses the outpatient center on a frequent basis, there are literally hundreeds of patients “outside” the hospital that are seen every day. These are not inpatient but outpatient. That would help explain there numbers. And they are phenomanel people.

  6. The total number of doctors and employees listed refers to the medical center as a whole and not just the in-patients. Most patient are seen in clinics. Also, of the total doctors listed, at least several hundred are residents and only stay a few years at a time.


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