Divers Discover Cargo Surrounding Wreck Of Nazi Warship That May Have Been Transporting Looted Treasure

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Divers searching for the legendary Amber Room treasures – looted by the Nazis and missing since World War II – say they have discovered chests lying around the wreck of a German steamer that sank in 1945.

The diving team found the wreck of the Karlsruhe off the Polish coast in September, 75 years after it sank 288ft below the Baltic Sea – possibly taking the stolen treasures with it.

On Monday, a sonar survey of the area revealed the chests and other objects surrounding the wreck of the warship, with one diver saying there could be paintings inside the chests.

The Baltictech team say they will continue their search in April as they hunt for the contents of the Amber Room, which was built for Russian tsar Peter the Great in the 1700s and ransacked by Hitler’s invaders in 1941.

Read more at Daily Mail.



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