DNC Drops Partnership With Women’s March Over Anti Semitic Ties

Demonstrators cheer during the Women's March on Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Must credit: Washington Post photo by Bill O'Leary
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The Democratic National Committee has dropped its partnership in the Women’s March over anti-Semitism concerns, according to a Democratic source.

This development comes amid accusations of anti-Semitism within the movement’s leadership, causing many organizations to drop their support of the this year’s march, scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 19. There have been calls for firms to back out.

DNC Deputy Communications Director Sabrina Singh told JNS that although it will not participate in the march, “The DNC stands in solidarity with all those fighting for women’s rights and holding the Trump administration and Republican lawmakers across the country accountable. Women are on the front lines of fighting back against this administration and are the core of our Democratic Party.”

In recent weeks, a number of progressive groups that have withdrawn their support of the march, which was launched in 2017 in protest of the election of President Donald Trump, including, but are not limited to, the National Council of Jewish Women, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, the Human Rights Campaign, Greenpeace, Children’s Firearm Safety Alliance, Coalition Against Gun Violence and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense.

Moreover, local marches, such as in Chicago and New Orleans, have been cancelled.

Jewish organizations such as the Jewish Democratic Committee of America applauded the groups that have scrapped their affiliation with this year’s Women’s March.

“JDCA supports the objectives of the Women’s March and stands with sister marches across the country this weekend,” its executive director, Halie Soifer, told JNS. “At the same time, we welcome the DNC, SPLC, Emily’s List and other organizations’ decision to not sponsor and participate in the Women’s March and take a principled stand against anti-Semitism.”

Women’s March co-leader Tamika Mallory denied any anti-Semitisc accusations, including her support of National of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who has an extensive history of making anti-Jewish remarks such as “I’m anti-termite” and that Hitler was “a very great man.”

Mallory said in a Monday appearance on ABC’s “The View” that “we did not make those remarks. What I will say to you is that I don’t agree with many of Minister Farrakhan’s statements.”

In response to host Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Sen. John McCain, asking her if she condemns Farrakhan’s statements, Mallory said: “To be very clear, it’s not my language. It’s not the way that I speak; it’s not how I organize. And I think it is very clear over the 20 years of my own personal activism, my own personal track record, who I am, and I should never be judged through the lens of a man.”




  1. It’s kind of funny, reading Mallory’s remarks and noting how she dances, ducks, bobs and weaves in a desperate attempt to evade an explicit condemnation of Farrakhan’s antisemitic bigotry. Clearly, she’s trying to have it both ways – garner support from both Farrakhan’s acolytes and also from those who recognize him for the vile, bigoted antisemite he is.

  2. Ha, they used the word “it’s” instead of “its”- if a conservative rally had posters like that, they wouldn’t hear the end of it in the mainstream media

  3. The DNC knew about this anti semitism awhile ago. Their party had many anti semites. I suppose they’re acknowledging this now because they need more votes.

  4. Really good quote above. “I will not be judged” {through the ‘lens’ of a man}.

    Mans lens. The gold in his hand. Run women run. This totally holy world knows you do not have the dream of Abraham when you put on you pants to march to make audacious claims.

    Keep wearing an orthodox dress and maybe you will be blessed by the respect you add to human community. Love it or not, the bible is right.

    The lens of my eye which I myself a guy should not have a bearing on your trickery. The pants you wear to the storm that begins becomes my safety when antisemitism grows to criticize Israel for being tug of bias. Israel is a holy entity. You represent your fathers or husbands. Lens clear.

    Young impressions bias the blood free drive of occult feminism. There is a Judge. Israel dream safety and yours is in your home or safe employ or safer market. Israel works for this outcome.

    Men are rich and should be criticized. The non kosher unorthodox or ruffian a full sworn not. Why not let the freedom graven be. Orthodox pluralistic society.

    No buff out marches. Polite womens eyes and days given to family support and humane dream. Good for the dream of safe men.

    Modesty can extend. Where is the dream of man when immodesty presents. It goes to hate.

    This is wrong.


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