Matzav Jewish Directory: Do You Have a Website?

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With the incredible growth of the internet, both globally and in the Jewish community, many in the frum world have availed themselves of the news and services to be found on the internet. Many have utilized cyberspace to gain exposure for their businesses and to tap into a market that they had previously ignored. In an effort to stimulate economic growth amongst the greater Jewish community, and to assist members of our community in ensuring a kosher shopping and browsing experience online, is compilingy an exclusive  directory of all websites that are run by ehrliche frum Yidden. The list is being compiled based on standards established after discussion with leading rabbonim and roshei yeshiva. This is just the beginning of a multi-pronged effort to ensure a kosher online experience for Torah Jews the world over.

If you have a website, you can submit it for free.  All websites submitted will be reviewed for content. If your site is approved, it will be listed in our upcoming Jewish website directory.

To submit a website click here.

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  1. great idea thank you I know how hard this is. I have done many hours of researchs fun it is really time consumming. Hatzlacha Rabba
    Also how can I access this last featured video and has anyone else reported trouble? Thank you for your asnwer

  2. But what about all the other stuff on the internet? The matzav service would need to be coupled with something like yeshivanet for whitelist ISP — zeh hamatzav chabibi.

  3. matzav the best news web site for news,and videos
    they are good because they get news as quick as possible I say its the best


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