Doctor Wears Six Masks At Once To Prove Oxygen Levels Will Be Just Fine

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Wearing a mask is not dangerous, and it won’t affect your breathing.

A doctor put this to the test, recording himself and monitoring his blood oxygen level — as he layered on six masks.

As mask-wearing suggestions and mandates have become commonplace to stop the spread of the coronavirus, a medical myth has spread that sporting a mask stops oxygen from getting into the bloodstream, possibly causing brain damage.

Read more at NY Post.



  1. Many doctors put on “only” 2 and fainted in the middle of their operation?

    CDC Study Based on 14 Clinical Trials Shows Face Masks do Not Work!
    July 22, 2020

    “Disposable medical masks (also known as surgical masks) are loose-fitting devices that were designed to be worn by medical personnel to protect accidental contamination of patient wounds, and to protect the wearer against splashes or sprays of bodily fluids…
    “We did not find evidence that surgical-type face masks are effective in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza transmission, either when worn by infected persons (source control) or by persons in the general community to reduce their susceptibility…”

    • If u would see how the ICU looked in ny and nj in april you wouldnt say thes things. Talk to frontline workers that saw it happen it was terrible. All they are asking is to follow some basic guidlines to avoid a new wave.

      • Ya, we heard how many were murdered by doctors and nurses in the hospitals. It had NOTHING to do with masks. They all couldn’t breath because of panic. B”H the Hatzaleh saved the situation and stopped the murder by assisting the panicked patients at home.

      • You mean if we’d seen all the murder going on in the icu?? Yea we would all be thinking a lot differently about all this had we seen it. Would’ve been a lot of being tried for murder, negligence, gross negligence, and mercy killing (murder). But since there were no visitors allowed so no one saw it. Hence they get away Scott free and collect the $12k per from the feds. Now they even gonna pass the liability law so really Scott free.

    • Your claims that wearing masks are dangerous is not true!!!! Asians have been wearing masks for years in good health

    • I read the article you quoted. Did you notice that respiratory illnesses were not included in the study and this was specific to flu. Read article until the end including discussion don’t rely on his excerpt. Notice also that this was originally written in February!

    • Get a grip. There isn’t one doctor in the entire world who believes masks are dangerous for regular people. NOT ONE.

      Who should I believe on a medical issue, my doctor or some QAnon moron?

      • So why are so many people rushed to hospitals with breathing problems? NOT ONE DOCTOR SAYS A PERSON WHO’S NOT A PHYSICIAN SHOULD WEAR A MASK ALL DAY. Besides, many doctors (and I know some) were fired by the Health Dept in Israel for nor playing along with the coroney baloney. In other words, IT’S ALL BOGUS!

      Check the linked NY Post article. There is a video of him with a pulse ox. There are also numerous studies showing masks significantly reduce the risk of corona spread and the risk of catching it. Google it, and don’t just cherry-pick the one thing which kind of supports your point. There is additional evidence suggesting that even if you do get it, wearing a mask makes it less severe (because you inhale fewer droplets). How do you explain construction workers, the entire medical field, painters, the entirety of Asia for about 30 years, and most of America being absolutely 100% ok with wearing masks all day? Seems kind of dumb for doctors to force people to do something harmful, and then being the number 1 people who have to do that thing, no?

    • 5:25

      Please link to a report or website which states that many doctors fainted in middle of their operation due to wearing a mask

    • Did you miss the part where masks were worn in the studies to *protect* the wearer, not the others present *from* the wearer? Or where it was referring to influenza, where asymptomatic spread is exceedingly rare, and not COVID, where asymptomatic spread is common?

      • If that’s the case and it’s to protect me, it’s none of anyone’s business if I don’t wear it. I can do with my body whatever I want. Besides, I follow halachah: חייך קודמין YOUR OWN LIFE before others. You don’t have to worry about others if it harms you.

    • Fainted in the middle of the operation? Who? When? I suspect you have been hallucinating. Show me a video or any proof of a doctor fainting.

      For the record, the company who manufactures the oximeter has said that the videos showing low oxygen levels when wearing a mask were made by ignorant people. The meter is made to measure oxygen intake (inhaling), not output (exhaling). There is a major difference, because when exhaling into a mask there will be more CO2 blown at the meter, but by the time that same person inhales he will breath in sufficient oxygen. I know I have not fully explained this due to space constraints, however the company explained this at length. Videos mean nothing. Any ignoramus can make a video of anything and claim it as proof for anything.

      • At least 1 personal story which happened not too long ago. Even if you say that the videos were made by ignorant people, an intelligent person would still not trust this doctor unless he makes a video using an oximeter. (Even then, he’d have to do it in front of an honest person because mad doctors are not to be trusted as they’re apt to photoshopping.) And how can a person inhaling carbon dioxide breath in oxygen?#$%!@#$%!@#$

      • Exactly why I wear one with a slit by the mouth (it’s only for show and tell anyhow).

  2. How will he deal with with all the Germs and bacteria accumulating beneath all these MASKS?

    Will he change into a fresh mask every ten minutes or so ?
    Thats 36 masks per hour!

    This seems to be just propaganda the covid germ can easily penetrate all the 6 masks ! he has no protection at all for covid and forget about oxygen he id re breathing in all his own bacteria and carbon dioxide.
    Very unsafe.

    • germs that were in their own mouth and lungs? do you think one has to sanitise their mouth every 10 minutes to protect their lungs from infections? delusional?

    • You need to make up your mind. COVID-19 is 1.25 microns across (plus the water molecules that every virus bonds to). Co2 is 0.00065 microns across. Either the mask is big enough to let both covid and oxygen circulate, or it is small enough to easily block covid. As for “breathing in all his own bacteria”- If it’s all ready inside someone in high enough concentrations that they are breathing out significant amounts, it’s kinda too late, no?

      • How can oxygen circulate when you breath out and in carbon dioxide? Masks that are big enough to inhale oxygen, gets you to inhale from the mouth of others too.

    • And even over the mouth, it’s impossible to wear more than 1 mask for longer than a few seconds. Don’t believe everything you read.

  3. ” breathing in all his own bacteria and carbon dioxide.
    Very unsafe.”

    If it is his own bacteria it is not an issue, and he won’t be breathing in carbon dioxide but nitrogen and oxygen.

    This is not rocket science. Wear a mask. It will help the economy.

  4. Anyone who wears a mask for longer than 10 minutes at a shot knows full well that you are not breathing in the same beautiful ear you breathe in normally. You are breathing in your own CO2 and you know it. If you don’t know it, you are only fooling yourself.

    For the simple people among us, after you are wearing the mask for a long time and breathing normally, do you feel strange, lightheaded, a little not feeling well or something like that how more do you feel perfect? The answer is you definitely don’t feel perfect! So let’s not kid ourselves. Wearing a mask is not the best thing in the world for our personal health. It needs to be done in moderation.

    • Liar, it’s all in your head. Many (and soon to be most) essential workers currently wear a mask at least 8 hours a day, no problem. There isn’t a single doctor in the world who cautions against it (unless someone has a prior respiratory issue).

      When everything is too big an imposition for you you lose your credibility and make people believe that locking down actually wasn’t as hard as people made it either. Conservative snowflake.

    • Of course I don’t feel perfect after having worked for a long time with a mask!! Working is definitely not the best thing in the world for our personal health. It needs to be done in moderation. If you are not exposed to risks as part of your work and are healthy among healthy people, you do not need a mask. Maybe occasionally if you are a DIY enthusiast.

  5. I just had cataract surgery. While the surgery itself last less than 15 minutes, the prep etc took several hours. I wore a mask throughout until I returned to my home. No illl effects light headedness etc.

    The doctors and the staff wear them the whole day no one fainted. Everyone was bustling around doing their jobs.

    A sign of a person being a conspiracy theorist is using the term sheepsel. I find it highly offensive. Bne Yisrael are often described as Hashem’s sheep or flock don’t turn a badge of honor into something derogatory.

    • How are your eyes doing now? Did the surgery help? My Mother had it done last year but unfortunately she’s having all kinds of issues. I personally think the doctor messed up. Hakol bedei shomayim.

  6. Ha ha! This thread belongs in the Adar section, not Av. I think Matzav should check out the IP address and permanently block this loony who is always posting about politicians being clones and masks killing people. He also sometimes posts links to virulently anti-Semitic sites. He really makes Matzav look cheap.


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