Doctors in Israel to Go on 2-Day Strike


cancer-doctorThe Israeli Medical Association has announced the beginning of a doctors’ strike on Tuesday. The strike, a warning measure, will last for two days, and will include the roughly 20,000 doctors working in the¬†public system.¬†

The IMA had attempted to negotiate with the Finance Ministry for better pay and conditions, but talks broke down over the weekend.

Most clinics belonging to the Leumit and Clalit health systems will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. However, select clinics will remain open in case of emergency. A list will be published later in the week.

Dr. Leonid Eidelman of the IMA explained that the strike would use a “Shabbos schedule,” with doctors providing care in urgent cases. “Whatever is not done on Shabbat, will not be done [during the strike],” he explained.

“Unfortunately, we have reached a situation that is not easy for the patients or the doctors,” he said. “But there is no choice – we must do this in order to make the Finance Ministry pull it together and come back to the negotiations table with practical suggestions.”

Doctors are requesting a 50% increase in the average wage for physicians, and an increase in hospital bed space – for the first time since 1976.

Finance Ministry officials gave a counteroffer of an 18% salary increase, spread out over the course of 8 years.

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  1. It’s about time, I hope they achieve their objective. Doctors get paid bobkes in E”Y, and even with the lower cost of living it doesn’t come close to what doctors there should be receiving for their work.
    As a future MD with possible plans of moving to E”Y, this kind-of cheers me up…

  2. An even bigger problem is the lack of bed space in hospitals, it has become ridiculous. In the maternity wards alone there is tremendous overflow – in one hospital, it is standard procedure that the mother spends her first 12 hours after birth in the hallway…

  3. i cant understand this!! this is a chilul hashem gomur. what is this no doctors, doctors are there for a reason. imagine the reboine shel oilam will stop providing the world with air for 2 days,(hagam, the reboine shel oilem is in control and He runs the world, but one has to do hishtadlus, and “mican shenitan resus leroife lerapois”! thank god im on the plane to the us tomorrow iyh!!!!!!!
    may all be gezunt the whole time, and never need the drs, only for good reasons!!!!!


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