Doctors: OK to Drop Patients Who Refuse Vaccines

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It is acceptable for doctors to drop patients who refuse vaccinations on non-medical grounds, the American Academy of Pediatrics said Monday in a policy statement. The new position comes as 87 percent of pediatricians said they dealt with parents who did not want their children to be vaccinated—up from 75 percent 10 years ago.

The organization said dropping patients due to vaccine hesitance should only be a last resort, and that pediatricians should start touting the advantages of vaccines early on. Many parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated believe that the immunizations cause autism, a theory that has been thoroughly debunked. Read more at the LOS ANGELES TIMES.



  1. It would be nice if instead of simply helping to spread the pro vaccine propaganda from Medical Trade groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics , that you would at least quote from the some of the anti vaccine scientific voices who have spoken out against various vaccines due to scientific evidence of safety and efficacy problems with vaccines. For example The book Dissolving Illusions By Dr. Suzanne Humphries MD. which documents how all of the childhood diseases had been close to eliminated in the First World due to improved sanitation and nutrition by the time widespread vaccination programs had been introduced. It is also important to note that there is no such thing as “settled science”. That is a term used by propagandists to convince a gullible public that they should go along with a particular agenda such as Human caused Climate Change or vaccine safety and efficacy. Another scientist who has publicly come out very strongly against certain vaccine programs such as the HPV vaccines is Dr. Yehudah Shoenfeld a world renown Rheumatologist. He has publicly accused the entrenched pro vaccine medical Pharmaceutical establishment of being a “Mafia”. You can also search for a Peer Reviewed research paper from his Lab which demonstrated how Aluminum Adjuvants in Killed Virus Vaccines cause neurological damage in mice with the implication being that the same would be true in Humans. The recent revelations about a whistleblowing scientist from the CDC which indicate a deliberate cover-up of epidemiological data that demonstrate a statistically significant link between MMR Vaccine and Autism should also be noted and was documented in the recent film “Vaxxed”. We should be asking why does it seem there has been an explosion of Autism, ADHD, and other Neurological and Psychological problems in children and young adults in our community. Is it simply better diagnoses and better awareness or is there something in the environment that is likely contributing to this. Many highly educated highly intelligent people believe that current vaccine programs are a prime suspect and need to be properly investigated scientifically for safety and efficacy by doing a real randomized placebo controlled long term trial on a vaccinated versus an unvaccinated population.

  2. Mr. MM – I think the Torah requires us to follow accepted medical practice in our hishtadlus regarding “Venishmartem Meod es Nafshoisechem”. Please do not publicize your misguided and conspiracy oriented shtuyot.

    • Please do not publicize your misguided and conspiracy oriented shtuyot.
      Good luck with that. 😛
      (I completely agree with you, but trying to speak rationality to any conspiracy nutjob – oops, I mean theorist, whether an anti-vaxer, 9/11 truther or the like is an exercise in futility and frustration.)

  3. MM I suggest you look into science that has solid scientific backing (aka reliable research method designs) there is a reason the vast majority of medical doctors and reputable researchers do not back up the anti vaccination.
    The reasons most doctors dont even refute or mention their “evidence” is because it is so lacking in many areas.

    as you should know, correlation does not and cannot imply causation, except in manipulation studies. yes as MMR rates rise, so did autism, they have increased in number at the same time.
    Do you know that the more people eat ice cream the more people drown? we should have an anti- ice cream movement. the data is overwhelmingly clear that ice cream causes people to drown. (the weather that encourages increased ice cream consumption also increases time at the waterfront)

    Having studied vaccines extensively, I can tell you that the overwhelming evidence supports childhood vaccinations. There are some exceptions to the rule patients who fall into those categories are generally those patients who are undergoing additional monitoring

    I see no need to further my argument as if you are open to believing the evidence you will see it. From what you have displayed you are either uneducated or would like to fulfill a certain agenda.
    I wish you hatzlacha is staying well

  4. Maybe the schools should start dropping these children as students as well. We are all required to present vaccination forms at the beginning of each school year, every year. Whoever doesn’t get vaccinated presents a danger to the other children. Talk about venishmartom…..

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