Dog Finds Drowned 45-Year-Old Found Man In Yarkon River


A 45-year-old man was found dead after he apparently drowned in the Yarkon River near the B.S.R. Towers in Tel Aviv.

United Hatzalah volunteer Yaakov Krimolovsky who was one of the first responders at the scene relayed: “We were notified about a man who had drowned in the Yarkon River. When I arrived at the scene a passerby told me that his dog had discovered a body in the water and as a result, he had called emergency services. Due to the complexity of the location, I together with other EMS volunteers stayed at the site until Fire and Rescue Crews arrived and were able to extricate the man from the river. Firefighters used a small dinghy to reach the man and pull him out of the water. Unfortunately, there was nothing for EMS services to do except pronounce the man’s death at the scene.”



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