DOJ Says It Won’t Prosecute Barr, Ross After Criminal Contempt Vote

Lawmakers on Tuesday repeatedly pressed attorney general nominee William Barr about a report expected to be produced by the special counsel. MUST CREDIT: Washington Post photo by Bonnie Jo Mount
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The Department of Justice (DOJ) said Wednesday that federal prosecutors will not prosecute Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary William Ross following a House vote to hold the officials in contempt for failing to comply with congressional subpoenas.

The House had rebuked the Trump Cabinet members by passing a criminal contempt resolution earlier this month, largely along party lines. However, it was widely presumed that the Justice Department would not pursue a criminal referral against the top DOJ official.

“The Department of Justice’s long-standing position is that we will not prosecute an official for contempt of Congress for declining to provide information subject to a presidential assertion of executive privilege,” Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen wrote in a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

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  1. Thank G-d the coward Jeff Sessions stint as Attorney General was a very short one. The little pipsqueak should be made to pay back to the taxpayers all of his salary he stole while occupying that chair.

  2. “DOJ Says It Won’t Prosecute Barr, Ross After Criminal Contempt Vote”
    Duh!!! Did anyone really think they would? The DemocRATs waste a lot of time and posturing for nothing. They’re so busy campaigning and insulting everyone that they have no time to do what their constituents sent them to DC to do.


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