Video: Don Imus Apologizes for Making Fun of Kars4Kids


kars4kids[Video below.] Radio talk show host Don Imus has apologized for slamming a commercial for a kids charity — saying he was merely poking fun at a jingle that he says literally annoys everyone in possession of a working radio.  

It all started during a commercial break on Wednesday’s show when the Kars4Kids jingle started to play, and Imus — clearly not a fan of the jingle — begged the singer to “shut up” and “go to —.”

Imus then groaned, “I should give you my Bentley — you morons.”

A rep for Kars4Kids tells TMZ they were flooded with emails — and eventually posted a clip on their website with the title, “Is Imus really donating his Bentley to Kars4Kids?”

But the next day, Kars4Kids says Imus issued a “fairly thorough retraction and apology on air” — and the group now insists that all is forgiven. A rep for Imus tells us, “Very catchy tune, very silly controversy.”

Click below for video:

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  1. I’ve donated two cars to Kars for Kids. That being said – I hate to say it, but he’s right! The jungle is kinda annoying.

  2. Don Imus should know that that song/commercial pays a portion of his exorbitant salary, which is what allows him to drive that Bentley!!

  3. I hate the Imus show. Very crass and vulgar, and you can hardly understand Imus’s garbling and warbling. Makes me long for the Curtis and Kuby days on WABC!! For now, though, its 107.9 Kol Brama in Lakewood until there is new programing on WABC!

  4. The free publicity more than makes up for the insult. In any case it is a wonderful organization that does an amazing job of kiruv.

  5. if you dont like wabc then dont liten to it. i dont personally like 109.7. i find it very…… and there for i dont liten to them .

  6. Hate it and talk about it and remember it! It’s what marketing genius is all about – Use the technology – get the kids to sing their mitzvos, their middos etc etc

  7. My brother and nephew are the singers in this song and I beleive that it has been the longest playing commercial EVER in NYC. How bad could it really be if it has such a major response.

  8. Don Imus is a bully in every sense of the word, especially to the guys on his show who are the best part of the show, He hates everybody including himself obviously. Listen on Fridays or holidays when he’s not there then the show is worth listening to.


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