Donald Sterling, Liberal Hypocrisy, And Warped Priorities In Faux Outrage Land


donald-sterling-clippersBy Greg Halvorson

Alright, I don’t want to comment on the overblown crime that isn’t a crime currently distracting from an economy that may soon fall behind China, but I’ll opine on the idiocy unleashed by Donald Sterling’s less than sterling yap. Yesterday, I stuck my toe in the water with the following insensitive and repugnant post:

1) The Clippers owner is a liberal buffoon and hypocrite, but that doesn’t mean he can be stripped of his rights… By what law is a PRIVATE CITIZEN – the NBA commissioner – granted the power to ban another private citizen – Sterling – from attending NBA games open to all who buy a ticket? Racists aren’t allowed the same RIGHTS as non-racists? People aren’t allowed to SPEAK incorrectly?

Gimme a break-I hope Sterling SUES. And I hope he WINS in the name of Free Speech.

2) If Donald Sterling, as a black NBA owner, said racist things about white people, there would be no controversy and no media coverage…. He would receive no punishment…. For, it’s okay when blacks are racist against whites-only whites are attacked, fed to the lions, and beat without mercy by Orwellian Brown Shirts who enforce double-standards in the name of victimhood.

Now, a day later, after being called racist….I double-down. Every race-baiting buffoon from Al Sharpton to Oprah – both of whom have been so oppressed that their personal assistants make six figures – has weighed in, as if Sterling drove to Compton, sat on the corner, and unleashed a water-cannon on “all dem lookalikes.” Indeed, as the outrage spread, I marveled. A pantheon of degenerate rappers, race-baiters, and pious weirdos assailed Sterling for the crime of being crass.

But what did he say? Was it that awful? Stupid, yeah. Racist, indeed. But Big Al and Jesse “Heimy-town” Jackson have uttered far more inflammatory lines – openly, hatefully racist lines – without finding their head on a platter. And what of Jay-Z, who sports openly racist jewelry inside…. wait for it… NBA ARENAS?

Inquiring minds wanna know: Why do some hateful, racist bigots get a free pass to be hateful, racist bigots?

Sterling is a clown, but, seriously, what do these Faux-Outragists say to each other in private – i.e., non-recorded – conversations? Never a tawdry line? Never an epithet?

Ummm…. Forget Oprah. I’d be willing to bet that 90% of the population, at one time or another, has said something so out-of-character – so idiotic and personally reprehensible – that Oprah, if she heard it, would sit on their head.

Again, Sterling is a loser, yet I nonetheless am uneasy about circumventing the market (Let outraged fans punish him at the gate. Allow sponsors to white-wash the arena) and banning him for the content of a PRIVATE conversation. FREE SPEECH isn’t speech cleansed of foolishness. Sterling is a fool, but I would rather have fools acting a-holedly than a society cowed by Thought Police.

Which brings me to Obama…. Of course, he weighed-in. Couldn’t help himself from Asia. Because, if he had a son (and not a set of FACTS), you know, he would “look like Trayvon,” and “the Cambridge police acted stupidly,” so why not spew as you trash America on the taxpayer dime?

ZERO: “The United States continues to wrestle with a legacy of race and slavery and segregation that’s still there-the vestiges of discrimination.”

Wow…. A slum-lord from Los Angeles gets taped saying something stupid in a private conversation and – VOILA! – the president of the United States, extrapolating wildly, ignores the comment’s source, demolishes reason, and twists it into an indictment of all of society and the horrors of SEGREGATION and SLAVERY, writ large. An old man decries his acquaintance hangin’ with blacks, and this, according to Zero, means the nation has boomeranged to 1859.

Good grief. What we’re “wrestling with” is a president who jumps through Sharpton’s hoop like a flea, while looking askance of Kermit Gosnell (D-Philadelphia) who butchered black babies, discriminated against black mothers, and….

As news came that first quarter GDP was flat, that the U.S. is “growing” at 0.1%, that the White House premeditated a lie, COVERED IT UP and abandoned Americans to die in cold blood-as all this was happening, Obama fed the frenzy. The frenzy went viral. And Donald Sterling, a man with no power, who makes no law, became the latest Shiny Object in a land of Shiny Objects that “double-drivels” dutifully in Faux Outrage Land.


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  1. The difference here is that he is a white guy who owns a predominantly black team in a predominantly black sport. Then he went and said he does’t want blacks at his games. So who exactly does he expect to play the game?

    Any benefit he makes from owning the team is from the same people he hates.

  2. Agreed. I’ve been railing about this ever since the “story” broke and PC sharks in the media started smelling blood.

    Donald (Tokowitz) Sterling certainly ain’t no tzaddik; however, that does not mean he should be lynched by the media and by the NBA for his abhorrent statements. Everybody knows that the media and the NBA are not tzaddikim, either (even though they are trying to act like one). They have the noose around his neck already.

    Sterling deserves punishment, but not a lynching from the frenzied mob.

  3. I would think that the Donald Sterling affair was in fact a necessary decision against hate in the league. To become a snack licker and try to turn this around to criticize reverse racism is really not appropriate. This is not the age of Recidivism. Thanks.

  4. This is a great example of the ignorance and bigotry in most of the political right, at least among activists. Lets take this apart:

    “I hope he WINS in the name of Free Speech.”

    The government can’t penalize you because of what you say. Private sector entities, however, can. And in this case, the NBA Commissioner headed off a job action by the players and a likely advertiser boycott by suspending and fining Sterling. This is in accordance with the NBA bylaws that Sterling agreed to when he bought the Clippers.

    “I nonetheless am uneasy about circumventing the market (Let outraged fans punish him at the gate. Allow sponsors to white-wash the arena”

    Not only his arena would get whitewashed but those of the other 29 owners. Not one has spoken up in opposition to his ban. In effect, the market DID speak and it said that it doesn’t want owners like Sterling. The NBA Commissioner was smart enough to react to the market before half the teams went bankrupt because of the cancellation of the playoffs and an advertiser boycott.

    ” A slum-lord from Los Angeles gets taped saying something stupid in a private conversation”

    Sterling isn’t just any slumlord. He is a slumlord who lost a big housing discrimination case, something that is very hard to prove. That is indeed part of America’s racist legacy.

    abandoned Americans to die

    Then this propagandist turns to other Republican lies:

    “looking askance of Kermit Gosnell ”

    The problem was that successive Pennsylvania governors decided that deregulation was a good idea and they stopped inspections of medical facilities. This allowed Gosnell to get away with his butchery. The federal government had nothing to do with this.

    “abandoned Americans to die ”

    That is a lie.

    “Faux Outrage Land”

    More and more right wingers continue to defend this bigotry. They are on the wrong side of history.

  5. It doesn’t matter if he makes a lot of money from the clippers and black people in general. That money is a small percentage of the billions he makes from his total business ventures. So yes he is not intelligent for making these comments but to say that without black people he wouldn’t have any money is false and absurd.

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