Donald Trump, After Vow To Be ‘Neutral,’ Calls Obama ‘Worst Thing’ For Israel

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Republican presidential candidate and business magnate Donald Trump said President Barack Obama has been “the worst thing that’s ever happened to Israel.”

“Israel is so important. What Obama has done to Israel is a disgrace. How they even talk to us is hard to believe. How do they talk to Obama? You know, I have friends who support Obama, I said, How do you do it? It’s almost like they do it out of habit. They agree he’s been terrible,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News.

“You look at what he’s done to Israel, with just this Iran deal, which is such a terrible deal. He’s been the worst thing that’s ever happened to Israel. Now, a lot of my friends that are Jewish do not support him any longer. But I still have some that do. I say, How can you do it? …You know what? I think it’s habit. They do it out of habit,” he added.

A day earlier, Trump said that he would remain “neutral” with regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but also mentioned Palestinian incitement to violence as a reason for why the conflict remains unresolved.

“You know, you have both sides, really, but one side in particular growing up learning that these are the worst people…I was with a very prominent Israeli the other day. He says it’s impossible because the other side has been trained from the time they’re children to hate Jewish people,” Trump said at an event hosted by MSNBC.

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  1. Anyone who doesn’t realize that this guy says whatever he thinks audience wants to hear at that particular time- is truly blind.


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