Donald Trump Has Spent $0 on TV Ads

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Donald Trump’s campaign hasn’t spent any money on general-election TV advertisements, NBC News reports. He’s spent $0—less than Hillary Clinton, Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, or Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Clinton’s campaign has reportedly spent about $52 million on TV ads, and other pro-Clinton groups have spent about $39 million, the site reports. Pro-Trump groups have spent about $8 million on ads, despite his campaign’s reluctance to spend. Gary Johnson has spent $15,000, and Jill Stein has spent $189,000. Read more at NBC NEWS.



  1. That’s the way to roll.

    Trump keeps on amazing me how his voice becomes heard while spending almost nothing.

    Trump 2016!

  2. It doesn’t seem like he really wants to be president. A year and a quarter of spotlight and acting like a jerk in public is enough for him.

  3. Smart move. If he can do it now, he will do it as President – SAVING US TAXPAYERS MONEY. Whats not to like about that?

  4. The main time is five weeks before elections. So much can still happen. If there is a terrorist attack like 911 then Trump wins by a landslide. Voters forget after two days. If crime keeps rising then Trump wins. If Hillary gets a stroke like she once collapsed it helps Trump. His ads should go in five weeks prior to elections. I’m voting Trump.

  5. A penny for a dim day. The Trump campaign has never see and never go.

    This is Hillary in as many states are are right.

    The world has a constitution.


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