Donald Trump Responds to Paul Ryan

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  1. Instead of addressing Rep. Ryan in a mature manner, Donald Trump responds like a vindictive three-year-old.
    The more Trump opens his mouth the more I lean to voting for Hillary Clinton, despite her being someone I despise.

  2. The unity that Donald talks about is only that – TALK! So much for his coalition building. With this attitude, Hillary will surely win.

  3. Ryan first said he is not ready to support Trump,
    So Trump responded saying that he’s not supporting Ryan’s huge budget.
    Let the losers come to terms that Trump is their nominee and get behind him to start fighting Hillary.

  4. It’s us, the yidden, it’s our fault that all this is happening, trump, the Israeli govt and all the anti Semitism. It’s because we have strayed from Hashem and his Torah. Let us all return! Everyone must search his ways and look into his actions and return to Hashem!!

  5. Trump is 100% correct. Newly elected speaker Ryan passed obama’s trillion dollar budget without a peep. What a wimp!

    • Ryan came into a done deal – he started out just days before a budget deal that was negotiated for months came into effect. There was no time to renegotiate – and it was clear to all Republicans, when he was voted, that he would not be able to change that.


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