Donald Trump Says He Could Beat Up Joe Biden


President Donald Trump on Thursday called Joe Biden “weak, both mentally and physically,” suggesting he could easily beat up the former vice president, in response to Biden’s comment that he would have sought to fight Trump over his remarks about women if the two were in high school together.

“Crazy Joe Biden is trying to act like a tough guy. Actually, he is weak, both mentally and physically, and yet he threatens me, for the second time, with physical assault,” Trump wrote on Twitter Thursday morning. “He doesn’t know me, but he would go down fast and hard, crying all the way. Don’t threaten people Joe!” Read more at POLITICO.



  1. This is not the first time Mr. Biden has threatened physical violence on someone. Of course it’s unacceptable but he’s a democrat so he gets away with it. The media lets him off the hook. How can this shell of a man be allowed to come anywhere close to the White House? His maturity level has been dropping rapidly the last few years. Besides in his own mind, he is not liked by the average American voter.


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