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aravosOorah is looking for a donation. This time its not for money and not for “Kars.” It is for “branches.”

Oorah sends out thousands of lulavim and esrogim sets to its kiruv families each Succos. Although all the lulavim sets are purchased at wholesale costs, Oorah is still looking to cut down on the costs by growing their own arovos bushes. The plan is to plant the arovos bushes in its upstate camp facility and produce its own arovos each year.

In order to plant healthy aravos bushes they are in need of thick branches of good arovos bushes. Oorah’s Camp director Rabbi Avraham Kraweic says, “A simple arovos set would not suffice. We need an actual thick branch from an arovos bush.”

For those living in Brooklyn, Monsey, or Lakewood, Oorah will send down one of its volunteers to cut down the branch and take care of everything for you hassle free. Removing a branch from your bush will not have any effect on the quality of your bush but will help Oorah produce thousands of arovos.

If you know of anyone living in Brooklyn, Monsey, or Lakewood that has an arovos bush , please have them contact Oorah at 732-730-1000 ext 147.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. I’m not sure I farshtei what they want? Is there a shortage of arovos? It’s L’maaseh the cheapest of the daled minim. What’s so shver to buy some? There’s no pshat? Besides, Fiveish could stand on 13th Ave. Give out some donuts and get arovos in exchange. What’s the whole hock?
    Agav, I don’t know if you heard that Fiveish is going to BMG this zman. He’s officially in shiduchim. If he goes into the freezer he’ll be cold cash!! Besides I overheard the shadchan saying that he’s already handling something before he goes into the freezer. Get this, he’s getting engaged to five-isha!! Mazel tov! He’s was red to Ten-isha but she wasn’t his type.

  2. Cheap to buy is right. However it hands up when you are sending out 1000s (one word, volume.) Growing your own seems cheaper. Kol HaKovod to Oorah.

  3. not klorr whats so complicated. i don’t think u realize how many sets they give out,it’s in the thousands. i believe u just needed an intro to your agav comments.

  4. I wonder if they will start selling it the way they sell the calling card – and take business away from other frum sellers

  5. I would like to offer my services to all singles (and fives!). I am willing to accept aravos bushes as shadchanus and will donate them to Oorah!!!

    Hope nobody is worried about me taking business away from other frum Shadchans!


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